Please take a moment and visit our wonderful sponsors and supporters.  Without their generosity, this championship would not be possible. 

THANK YOU to all of these companies and people for your generosity and support!

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We understand that, although we all love the dogs and dog sport, business is business. Because of that, we want to help your business get as much exposure as possible to our targeted market of potential customers.  We also intentionally keep our advertising prices low so that any size business or kennel can advertise with us and not break the bank. And these days...that's a GOOD thing!

We offer a wide range of advertising options a-la-carte.  These options include:

  • Linked Web Banners
  • Email Direct Marketing
  • Trophy Sponsorship Recognition
  • Printed Catalog Ads
  • Field Banner Placement
  • Vendor Spaces
  • Raffle Table Product Display and Company Recognition

We also offer advertising packages which include multiple options based on your business advertising needs. Bottom line, we appreciate your support and want to give you the most bark for your bucks!  Descriptions of each advertising option are provided below.

We look forward to working with you and introducing your product or service to other dog sport enthusiasts. 





We'll put a Web banner on the Championship Web site and help drive traffic to YOUR Web site.  We don't just slap a banner up and forget it.  We'll do our best to make sure it's seen by as many visitors as possible.  As an added bonus, this banner link will also help your Web site popularity in the search engines.  It's a lot of bang for the buck!
Price:  $35

Contact: Dara Flores





Want to super-charge your online advertising? Let us include your Web banner in our email updates.  The list is made up of competitors, spectators, and people from around the World who are keeping track of event venue conditions, competition times, flights, and scores. 

With this option, we'll strategically place your banner with a link to your Web site in the email update so people can check you out on the spot.

Based on previous events we've hosted, we usually get about 200 subscribers. Normally there are at least two mailings prior to the event and two additional mailings during the event when the day's scores are posted on this Web site.  That means your banner can be presented at least 4 times directly to our subscriber's in-boxes.  ...And that works out to about 4 cents per contact! 

This is a great way to brand your business, get targeted traffic, and get on-the-spot sales and leads before the Championship even starts. 
Price:  $35

Contact: Dara Flores

(Note:  This option does require a separate purchase of a Web banner as described above. This is provided as an additional option only.)





Our competitors work for YEARS to get their dogs ready for an event like this.  The time, the money, the commitment... It's really a way of life rather than just a hobby for most Schutzhund folks. Trophies and a well trained dog are the payoff for everything that goes in to these canine athlete teams.  It's really a labor of love. 

In return for sponsoring a championship trophy, we'll give you a Web site banner ad linked to your Web site and recognition in our Championship catalog. 

For information regarding which trophies are still available for sponsorship, please see the "Trophies" page of this site by CLICKING HERE.

Contact: Les Flores





The catalog will be a half-page booklet style layout.  The outside front and back cover will be in color.  All inside printing will be in black and white.  Only Full page ads will be offered for this event. 
Price:  $35

Contact:  Dara Flores




Do you have an outdoor banner for your business or kennel?  If you do, we'll display it around the field during the Championship so everyone from spectators to competitors is sure to see it.  And...when photos of the competitors are taken...your banner could well be in the background!  It's like advertising that never quits! 
Price:  $35

Contact: Les Flores





Do you have a business with products or services that are best shown in touchy-feely mode?  Come set up a tent and sell your goods face-to-face! 

Normally, our vendor spaces are 10ft x 10ft but we can fudge it a little bit to make room for whatever size space you need.  Trust us, we've done this before and every vendor that has supported has gone home WELL in the black for the weekend.  It's a great way to meet people and show how cool your business is. 

Vendor spaces are strategically located along the side of the competition field and in the path to the food tent for maximum exposure and traffic flow. 

Even if you have a product or service that isn't specifically dog related, you never know what dog sport people will find interesting! Join us and find out!

(Note:  Vendors will need to provide their own tables, tents, power, etc.. Port a-Potties are on site and food and drinks will be available throughout the day. )
Price:  $35

Contact: Dara Flores





Can't make it to the Championship to set up a vendor space?  No problem!  We gladly appreciate raffle donations. 

We ask that raffle donations be a minimum in-kind donation of $50 retail value ...Although we never look a gift horse in the mouth.  Smaller value items will be grouped together and raffled in lots.  It all works for us!

In return for your generous donation, we'll provide a Web site banner ad with a link to your Web site, display of your company's name with the donated item, and your company's name and contact information in our event catalog.

This is a great, cost-effective way to get your product seen, brand your company, and remind people about you when they get home too.
Price:  $50 Retail Value Product or Service Donation

To see a listing of all the great companies already supporting this championship with raffle items, please GO HERE.

Contact: Dara Flores




Full Sponsorship

Are you lookin' for the whole enchilada in advertising?  Become a full sponsor!

For a monetary or in-kind donation of $200 or more, we'll provide you with one of everything on our a-la-carte advertising menu!  That's a $275 VALUE! and a WHOLE lot of exposure to a targeted dog crazy group of people.

Full sponsorship also entitles you to the added bonus of having your Web banner displayed on premium pages during the Championship including the scores page. This puts your banner front and center where the action is.

If you have other marketing needs or ideas that we haven't addressed, just let us know.  We're very flexible and can work with you to develop a marketing package that works for you and your budget. 

Contact: Dara Flores